Review of the track 'Mother' from Keep Walking Music off the EP John Evans & the Imperials

'After we featured ‘I`ll be Gone‘, John Evans became our new favorite artist. North Wales based singer-songwriter has a sound that fans can’t get enough of. After hearing his single from his new EP, ‘Mother‘, we were overthrown with joy. The music is catchy, it’s beautiful, but most importantly it’s genuine. John has a gift of writing music and it touches the heart and soul of anyone who listens. The whole EP is fantastic and if you’re into that cinematic, indie-folk sound, look no further you just discovered your new favorite artist too.

Take a listen and you’ll know exactly what we’re saying! Spread the word and be sure to connect with John Evans online to stay up to date on any future releases.'


““John has proven that he can deliver both more traditional sounding tracks and more experimental electronic tracks. It is this contrast that makes Still Got The Blues a really interesting listen. “Coming Home” is one of Still Got The Blues' standout tracks. A driving rhythm, some excellent percussion work (courtesy of Jan Beck) and a catchy melody make it one of the most memorable tracks. The tail end of the album is where things get shaken up, and the direction changes - “Tranquility” is perhaps the most interesting offer on the album, combining the organic instrumentation with electronic sampling. It shows Evans' creative side in a different light. Joining Evans on Still Got The Blues are numerous friends and musicians, including fellow Redhill member Linda Thompson. Lindas vocals can be heard throughout Still Got The Blues and her harmonies add a sweetness and different shade to Evans, particularly on “Blue,” and “Still Got The Blues For You ” - Ross Barber, Still Got the Blues - New album Review ”

— Ross Barber