Overdraft Live at Alexanders 2007 - Chester University Undergraduates Band

Whilst at Chester University we did a small tour of various venues in Chester with our band 'Overdraft'. This is the final performance of the short tour, recorded at Alexanders Jazz Cafe, Rufus Court, Chester. It was a great venue to finish the tour on and we played to a very enthusiastic packed crowd. They were some of the best days of my time at Chester University before we all graduated... Hope you enjoy watching.. John

The Band :

Mark Hooper - Drums ª Dan Latham - Electric Guitar / Bass ª Rob - Electric Guitar ª John Clapper - Electric Guitar / Bass / Vocals ª Jonathan Ian - Keyboards / Compare ª William Morris - Vocals / Guitar • Fran Bainbridge - Vocals ª Jess King - Vocals ª Tara Singer - Vocals ª Marika Bee / Vocals ª Gaby Markham / Vocals ª Caroline / Vocals ª John Evans - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals