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The MK Band Days.....

Back in 2001 we formed The MK Band with ex-Redhill drummer Jan Beck and pianist Alan “The
Reverend Cookie Baker III” Edwards. The three of us were all working with other musicians but we
decided to spend 5 or 6 months working pretty well full-time in Jan’s studio. The music was all songs I
had already written or was in the process of writing and Jan & Cookie came in and we had a very
memorable summer there recording what was to be our one and only EP. Unfortunately, due to
circumstances beyond any of our control we didn’t quite finish the project as Jan left the area and
the studio folded.
Now, a good few years later we are in contact with each other again and have decided that there
was unfinished business with the MK band and I have, with Jan & Alan started to revisit the old recordings
with a view to finishing the project and releasing it sometime in 2020.
As it turns out technology has moved on at such a pace the we are able to work in realtime with
each other even though there are hundreds if not thousands of miles between us.

Great vocals, inventive, creative and a wonderful band, i enjoyed it all and i suppose 20 years ago songs were that long , sometimes in the late seventies you only had two tracks on one side of an album; I missed out seeing the MK band” - Ian Gough